Power Apps Makes App Development Easy & 非常高效。

Microsoft recently introduced Power Apps, an app development platform that empowers organizations to build custom apps to overcome unique business challenges.

Microsoft Power Apps is a low code app development platform designed to empower small and mid-sized businesses to build professional web and mobile apps.

The platform’s intuitive interface allows your teams to quickly – and easily – create apps to solve your unique business obstacles. 最重要的是? It’s free with most 微软365 订阅.

减少时间 & Cost of App Development with Power Apps

Empower your teams with a platform that allows you to design your own solutions. Power Apps offers companies the tools to:

  • Enable pro and citizen developers alike to build innovative apps quickly through a robust app development platform
  • Reduce time and cost building web and mobile applications, enabling you to get through your development backlog
  • 让每个人都, regardless of technical ability, to turn bright ideas into brilliant apps, and solve business problems

Achieve 188% ROI Over Three Years

Reduce your development costs while increasing overall efficiency with Power Apps. Microsoft estimates that line-of-business employees save 3.每周2小时, allowing them to focus on more pressing tasks and achieve 188% return on investment (ROI) in just three years.

作为一个强大的, low-code app platform, Power App brings the tools and technology you need to create custom, agile apps with ease. The platform offers:

Increased Development Agility

Automate and simplify repetitive and time-consuming processes to launch your apps faster and reduce errors across your organization.

速度 & 储蓄

Reduce the time and cost of building web and mobile applications, enabling you to get through your development backlog.

Optimized Achievements

The platform is fully managed, with preset data models and common entities, out-of-the-box business logic and rules that are fully customizable to your business needs.

The Possibilities for App Development Are Limitless

与权力的应用, the power is in your hands to create and tailor web and mobile applications to your exact needs.

Your teams can develop and scale your apps without sacrificing the quality, 安全, or control over the application. Regardless of how many apps you are building, you maintain the control and scalability of each.

另外, the platform allows you to manage your data and strategy, leveraging enterprise-grade administrative and governance features – all within a singular, centralized view of the apps. This comprehensive management platform helps you save time and effort while increasing the productivity and agility of your development teams. Scale faster and minimize future maintenance with a platform designed for customization.

Start Building Your Custom Apps

Power Apps is free with most 微软365 订阅, helping to “democratize” the business app building industry by empowering teams of all sizes to own their app development without breaking their bank.

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